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Finicky Sablefish Shish Kabobs

1 lb sablefish tips
Red and Yellow peppers
Fresh Mushrooms
Cherry Tomatoes
1 can pineapple chunks
1 sweet onion

Thaw and rinse Sablefish tips, cut into bite size chunks, cover in Yoshidas (or teriyaki of your choice) and marinate in fridge overnight.

Cut peppers, mushrooms and onion into bite size pieces. Slide veggies, tomatoes, pineapple and fish onto Shish Kabob sticks alternating order to your preference and place on greased cookie sheet. Set oven to High Broil, place Kabobs on top rack for about five minutes each side or until tips start to crisp up.
The grill is a great option for these as well.

Serve with side of your choice, I usually do rice and a salad.
Bon Appetit!

Norm Pillen

Active Lifelong Alaskan Commercial Fisherman (40+ years) supplying high quality seafood to discerning customers that want healthy, sustainable, and delicious seafood options on their menu!